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YES on Prop 15

Prop. 15 is a November ballot measure that will close corporate property tax loopholes to reclaim nearly $12 billion every year for schools and critical local services – all while protecting homeowners and renters, small businesses, and agriculture. Prop. 15 will also cut business personal property taxes for small businesses. An analysis of Prop. 15 showed that only the top 10% will generate 92% of the revenue.

The BIG 2020 in the IE and OC

2020 Climate Center Shares Resources on Presidential Candidates

Thank you to  for compiling a few resources highlighting how the presidential candidates rank on climate action and other environmental issues.

Presidential candidates 2020- climate and environmental rankings

Here's a quick summary of the information. Follow the links for more details. (I have also included the Sunrise Movement's ratings.)

CA Progressive Alliance Founding Convention

From the Inland Empire, four of us made the trip to San Luis Obispo this past weekend to be up in the conversation of a statewide Progressive Alliance.  We will be sharing more, but here was on speaker who brought the house to their feet with an ovation as he finished his stirring account of his people's struggles.

Who is moving to Highland?

Last night's the Highland City Council Meeting was cancelled, because, get this:  there was no city business to be done.

No business for the Highland City Council.

A crowd of mobile home owners who are asking the Council to consider adopting a Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Ordinance (as other cities in the county have done) showed up only to find the meeting cancellation notice on the door.  Current Mayor Penny Lilburn who recently lamented the "division" on the Council in a speech at a Republican Women's luncheon, has, in no uncertain terms, wished the residents luck with their pursuit but stated that Rent Stabilization "aka rent control" is not an issue that the Council will address.  She solved that problem. 

No planning for the future needed to happen.

No city employees needed to report on anything nor be recognized for their good work.

The most pressing issues that neighbors are concerned about including homelessness, infrastructure, housing affordability, long-term fiscal viability, partnerships with education, senior services, activities calendar, and more?

All solved.

In the same speech mentioned above, Mayor Lilburn said that it can cost the City of Highland $10,000 to break up a homeless encampment. No mention of whether any of those homeless folks were previously priced out of their mobile homes.

Sounds like paradise.

Community Agreements - 02/27/2019

To create and practice the culture of a beloved community in the Inland Empire and beyond.  We present the following agreements & practices for acknowledgement and use in our work together - in person, online, and in both individual and group activities.


  • A work in progress
  • Gathered from different sources
  • Overarching theme is community
  • Available for download at the website
  • Feedback is encouraged




  • Try on other people's perspectives and approaches
  • Practice self-focus and self-care. Notice when defensiveness and denial arise.
  • Practice both/and instead of either/or thinking
  • Expect and accept non-closure
  • Be aware of and accountable for impact


  • Use your energy  to listen to what is said before thinking about how to respond.


  • Speak from your own experience by using, "I" statements. Ask questions to understand the sources of disagreements.
  • Make space:  Share speaking time and try to speak after others who have not spoken.
  • Confidentiality is key. Trust is built when we share the message, not the messenger.

The Black Agenda Report: Bernie Sanders Could Split the Democratic Party

CLICK HERE to read Glen Ford's op-ed from November 2018, in full.

"Hopefully, his progressive10-point plan will blow the Democratic Party to pieces, over the next two years, so that a mass politics that is not owned by white corporate men can finally exist in the U.S. Sanders doesn’t have to win the White House to bring about this historic “creative destruction.” He just has to wreck the Party. If the Party sabotages him in the primaries, as in 2016, then progressives will get another chance to do the right thing, and say goodbye to the Democrats. Or, if Sanders wins, hopefully the corporatists will follow the money and run away to the GOP, or form their own Third Way party, and leave the Democratic carcass to the poor folks. Any split will do the trick, as long as the result is a non-corporate mass party."

And this one entitled: Bernie Tries to Steal the Rich Man’s Party from February 21, 2019

The bulk of the ruling class has arrayed itself against Trump in the most serious split among the Lords of Capital since the Great Depression, throwing the whole system into a crisis of legitimacy. For most of finance and high tech capital, the Democratic Party has become an indispensable tool whose loss is unthinkable. But, here comes Bernie Sanders – again -- threatening to mobilize millions to seize control of the oligarchs’ favored party of governance. When combined with the raging crisis of legitimacy, this is a volatile brew.

Monthly Conference Call - 1/19

Join at
This video is made mostly for listening! LOL. We'll get better at the video. =)
See below for chat links shared throughout the call.

Facilitated by: Bobbi Jo C., Catalina's List/Progressive Alliance

Orgs on the call:
High Desert Young Dems, Kareema A.
High Desert Young Dems/California Young Dems/Regional Director, Resa B., Ben K.
AWARE-LA/White People for Black Lives, Christine GM
SB County Young Dems/COPE, Aaron B.
SB County Young Dems/Fontana Democratic Club, Stacey R.
Riverside County Young Dems, Maha R.
San Gorgonio Sierra Club, Bhavin J.
San Gorgonio Sierra Club, Mary Ann R.
Swing Left-Inland Empire, Debra M.

Individuals on the call: Bruce D., John L., Mercedes S.,

Join us for the next call February 27 at 830pm.

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Varoufakis - Why the Universal Basic Income is a Necessity - by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

"Freedom in action requires a basic income."

In this video former finance minister of Greece, professor of economics, author and founder of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25), Yanis Varoufakis, argues why a Basic Income is necessity today. His arguments take into account a macro socio-economic, psychological, philosophical and moral perspective. In addition Varoufakis after the speech addresses a wide range of questions from the public.

NOTICE: The video with Yanis Varoufakis was originally published by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute