Progressive Alliance Events


 Members of the Progressive Alliance are welcome to add and promote their events on our website in addition to their own calendar on Facebook or their own websites.  

STAY UPDATED on FACEBOOK for upcoming events at:


  • Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 08:00 PM
    ZOOM videoconference



    Weekly Movement Call

    Tuesdays, 8-9 plus after-party (that means folks are welcome to stay on the call to chat with others)


    Opening 8:00-8:10pm
    Meet & Greet 8:10pm-8:25pm
    Program 8:25pm
    1. Today. How we organize.

    2. What have folks been up to? (National/State/County/Local)

      A.) Guest organization presentation: Our Revolution and the Movement for a People's Party 
    3. What's coming up? What can you do? (Local/County/State/National)

    Closing 9:00pm
    After-party (closes at 11pm)


    • Before the call
      • Outreach organizers to invite allies, gather information on current action items for sharing on the call
      • Ambassadors to field questions and immediate calls to action leading up to the weekly call. (These items may come from the Facebook page, the comments on the website, and/or from the organizer calls.)
    • During the call
      • ZOOM assistants (monitor waiting room, assist with breakout rooms, if necessary, mute background noise as needed, help callers with technical issues logging or calling in)
      • Scribe - take notes (in particular,  action items and follow up questions from participants)
      • Facilitator (focus is to keep on agenda / discussion on topic)
      • Timekeepers (offers time checks throughout the discussion so we don't get stuck at any one topic. More than one, because sometimes timekeepers get caught up in the discussion) 
      • Guest presenter (this role is to help present the slideshow and offer context) 
      • Chat watch (monitors chat box for hands raised, stack (requests to speak), relevant questions and/or add additional information on the item being discussed.)
    • After the call
      • Distribute notes and follow-up tasks to folks
      • Nationbuilder:  blog action items and assist individual and organizational contacts in adding their events to the Progressive Alliance website
      • Facebook: post action items and assist individual and organizational contacts in adding their events to the Progressive Alliance website. Invite new folks to FB group.
      • Send thank you notes to call volunteers and attendees