2018 November Midterm Elections: Proposition Voter Guide

2018 Proposition Voter Guide

Maya Barron created this comparison chart of different organizations' and political parties' CA ballot props recommendations.  Election Day is November 6th and early voting has already begun. 

Please note: Updated version (10/10) with 2 changes. LA Times is No on Prop 8 and CLUE is Neutral on Prop 3.

As requested, the source links for the various ballot recs in the chart are listed below: 

  • ACLU: https://www.aclusocal.org/en/aclu-socal-ballot-guide-2018
  • LA Forward: https://www.losangelesforward.org/ballot/
  • CLUE & PICO: I received these recs through personal emails and I don't think the orgs have posted voter guides on their websites yet but the links are...
    • CLUE: http://www.cluejustice.org/
    • PICO: http://www.picocalifornia.org/
  • CA Labor Fed: https://calaborfed.org/endorsements/2018-general-election-endorsements/
  • CA Teachers Assoc: https://campaign2018cta.org/recommendations/
  • Sierra Club: https://www.sierraclub.org/california/2018-endorsements
  • League of Women Voters LWV: https://lwvc.org/news/our-voting-recommendations-november-ballot-measures
  • California Chamber of Commerce: https://advocacy.calchamber.com/elections/ballot-measures/
  • LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/endorsements/
  • Democratic Party: https://cadem.org/propositions
  • Repubublican Party: https://www.cagop.org/cagop_voterguide
  • Green Party: http://www.cagreens.org/elections/propositions

Also highly recommend these sources for info (not recommendations)

  • KPCC Voter Game Plan: http://elections.laist.com/props/
  • CALmatters Voter Guide: https://elections.calmatters.org/2018/california-ballot-measures

When considering propositions and how to vote it is helpful to refer to recommendations by trusted organizations as well as taking a look at who as funding the pro position and the opposition. Who stands to gain? And does the title or language of the proposition clearly match what each side is saying or doesn't say about it?

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