Beth Simon

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    Hi ,

    I’m Beth and I’m a member of a Women’s Rights action group. I head our anti Domestic Violence activity (a BURNING subject especially nowadays). One of my tasks is to find how aware people are of the crazy increase in domestic abuse cases since Covid19 started. I came across your site and found some great and useful material there (so thanks for that!). But while I was searching, I’ve also found this page:

    It’s like a full GLOBAL list of international help centers and organizations for sisters all over the world. I’ve seen nothing like that anywhere online – Many victims don’t know who to turn and their friends don’t know how to help, especially if that person they know is in another country.

    Can you add it to your page? If I got to your page, many others will and we can help victims during these crazy times.

    Thanks a bunch! Stay safe,


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