BIG2020Tuesdays (on a Thursday)


Weekly Movement Call

This week only... Thursday, 8:30-9:30 plus after-party (that means folks are welcome to stay on the call to chat with others)

PLEASE RSVP to get call-in information.


Meet & Greet
  1. Today. How we're going to win.

  2. What have folks been up to? (National/State/County/Local)

  3. What's coming up? What can you do? (Local/County/State/National)

After-party (closes at 11pm)


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (most of this can't get done without your help!):

  • Before the call
    • Outreach organizers to invite allies, gather information on current action items for sharing on the call
    • Ambassadors to field questions and immediate calls to action leading up to the weekly call. (These items may come from the Facebook page, the comments on the website, and/or from the organizer calls.)
  • During the call
    • ZOOM assistants (monitor waiting room, assist with breakout rooms, if necessary, mute background noise as needed, help callers with technical issues logging or calling in)
    • Scribe - take notes (in particular,  action items and follow up questions from participants)
    • Facilitator (focus is to keep on agenda / discussion on topic)
    • Timekeepers (offers time checks throughout the discussion so we don't get stuck at any one topic. More than one, because sometimes timekeepers get caught up in the discussion) 
    • Guest presenter (this role is to help present the slideshow and offer context) 
    • Chat watch (monitors chat box for hands raised, stack (requests to speak), relevant questions and/or add additional information on the item being discussed.)
  • After the call
    • Distribute notes and follow-up tasks to folks
    • Nationbuilder:  blog action items and assist individual and organizational contacts in adding their events to the Progressive Alliance website
    • Facebook: post action items and assist individual and organizational contacts in adding their events to the Progressive Alliance website. Invite new folks to FB group.
    • Send thank you notes to call volunteers and attendees 
April 30, 2020 at 8:30pm - 11:30pm
ZOOM videoconference
Bobbi Jo Chavarria · · (909) 265-4259‬

Will you come?

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