March 12 - SB County for Bernie Newsletter

The good news in the campaign with this week's win in Michigan is that the work at phone banks and on the ground talking to voters is working, turning voters out, and getting them to vote for Bernie!  

What we are doing here locally is making a difference! In just a few weeks, with the early primary states past us, the campaign will begin concentrating on WINNING CALIFORNIA.  Some of our organizing volunteers are already taking the lead in scheduling regular weekly phone banks, getting trained and helping out those other states until the focus is here in our own backyard. And we need more!97_New_Voters.jpg  Plus, just this past week Chaffey student volunteers (Brandy, George, Ruby, and more) along with some help from rock stars like June and Cory registered almost 100 voters in 3 days! And students at Cal State San Bernardino registered nearly 50 in just two days!

We have a small headquarters borrowed from the Democratic Luncheon Club of San Bernardino at the Carousel Mall.  James Albert has done a phenomenal job in getting the logistics handled with phone banks scheduled from 9am-9pm everyday at and a WIFI hotspot on loan from Cory Wisnia who has donated its use for March. The campaign office will be staffed with volunteer phone bank captains and we need help to cover these shifts, so please let us know if you are available on a regular or once-in-a-while basis to fill in. We will be organizing from a shared Google Calendar so look for more news on that coming soon!

The listing of upcoming events scheduled is growing and now includes as many Riverside County events as we can find as well!  Join in where you can, be sure to RSVP and volunteer to help organize (event hosts can always use some helping hands!).  This weekend has some FUN stuff planned including a FLASH MOB - BERN BABY BERN, DISCO INBERNO event at the Ontario Mills on Sunday.  Practice on your own (or join in at a rehearsal today in Fontana) and join in for a final rehearsal before the BIG event! 

Also, quick reminder -- if you want to be a BERNIE DELEGATE at the Democratic National Convention, see below for information links on how to apply.  We need delegates from every congressional district in the IE to be there!


Big thanks to local attorney, Ruben Salazar who opened up his beautiful offices to our Debate Watch Party! Ruben is also coordinating with other volunteers to hold weekly phone banks at his office as well! His 8-9 workstations are a great option for those who don't have unlimited cell minutes or a laptop!  Stay tuned for those events as they pop up at

LOCAL ITEMS (always stay updated on events by frequently checking

MARCH 12 (Saturday)

MARCH 13 (Sunday)

MARCH 14 (Monday)

MARCH 15 (Tuesday)

MARCH 16 (Wednesday)

MARCH 17 (Thursday)

MARCH 18 (Friday)

MARCH 19 (Saturday)

MARCH 20 (Sunday)

MARCH 21 (Monday)

MARCH 22 (Tuesday)

MARCH 23 (Wednesday)

MARCH 24 (Thursday)

MARCH 25 (Friday)

MARCH 26 (Saturday)

MARCH 27 (Sunday)

Save the Date:  Next national March for Bernie coming soon!

SEE MORE PICS of SB County for Bernie Activities at:

Democratic National Convention
Be sure to check out the California Democratic Party website to find out all the information about the delegate selection process. All nomination forms will be available on February 29th. Filing period ends April 23rd. As Bernie supporters, we must ensure that every possible pledged delegate spots are filled with BERNIE folks in each congressional district.  SAVE THE DATE:  May 1st will be local caucuses to vote for those delegates!

San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee (SBCDCC)
There's a 10-minute video that shows how the party forms for the CA Democratic Party and its convention. The first 2 minutes discuss the County Committees and there we learn that this is an election year for those seats on the local county committee.  Six delegates from each Assembly District in the county are elected (there are 8 Assembly Districts in the county 33, 36, 40, 41, 42, 47, 52, 55). You can use the district look up tool at the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters to determine your district. 

A few local Bernie supporters will be running for some of those seats, STAY TUNED for "Bernie Democrat endorsed folks" so you'll know who to vote for in your district!  Voting takes place for the SBCDCC and Riverside County Democratic Central Committee (RCDCC) on the Presidential primary election on June 7th. New committee members are installed the following month at the reorganizing meeting in July.  

If you're on Facebook, and haven't already, please join our SB County for Bernie group -- and share with other interested folks! And here's a listing of all the regional and other groups in the IE that you can connect with as well. If you can help with this newsletter, please let me know!  If you have anything to ADD or share --- feel free to do so on Facebook or at the SB County for Bernie blog hosted by the Progressive Alliance of the Inland Empire (sponsored by Catalina's List). Folks have been working!  What have you been up to?  Please share your pics and news so we can acknowledge your efforts and work!

Direct Voter Contact. Phone banking. We need to call using the hub Bernie Dialer. The technology is amazing. No more countless hours calling into voice mails. You receive one call to your phone and the system (via computer/laptop) connects you with one voter after another. You will love it. Learn more at Tuesday 2 states are across the country so California folks can begin calling in the late morning/early afternoon to reach voters!

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