Political Revolution in the IE! Barnstorm for Bernie!


barn·stormˈbärnˌstôrm/ verb
1. tour rural districts giving theatrical performances, originally often in barns.
2. make a rapid tour of (an area), typically as part of a political campaign.

Ceci Hall, organizer with national Bernie Sanders campaign

Our Barnstorm event in the IE on Tuesday, was part of 67 events happening across the country in these next few weeks. Local organizer with the national campaign Ceci Hall gave us updates about the latest developments, the technology we are using to win, and the work that needs to be done.

Big thank you to IBEW Local 440 for opening up their home (union hall) for the event! It was a big success as new volunteers were signed-up, phone banks across the IE were created, and a fun, informative time was had by all!

BONUS! As a little bit of extra while we waited to get started, Chuck McDaniel of the IBEW helped get up on the big screen the live-streaming of President Obama's last State of the Union address. We don't want to brag -- but the NEXT president of the United States (there in a cardboard standup) may have received a louder round of applause... LOL!

It was a packed house -- though there was room for you!  And, if you're wondering what you missed --- a lot -- but you can still participate:  Ceci issued a call to action for the Inland Empire supporters.  Phone banking to the early states is all hands on deck! 

STAY UPDATED at maps.berniesanders.com to find a PHONE BANK near you -- and if there isn't one -- host one -- and if you can't host one -- make calls all on your own! All training is available at berniesanders.com/phonebank.

Because #metricsmatter:  about 175 people checked in -- we had 16 volunteers step up to help before, during and after the event. 10 new/updated voter registrations were completed, AND almost 20 (last count was 18 or 19) phone banks throughout the IE were scheduled with volunteers signing up to participate from those who couldn't host!

Take a look at the video of the intro that Larry Alger put together -- Tim Sheridan for Congress introduced Ceci Hall (Larry is working on pulling that together for everyone to see the conversation!):

Here are a couple of pics of the organizing posters that were up (by request!):



And here are some pics of the crowd, the volunteers and all the super fun stuff!



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