Safe Haven For All Within SB City USD Discussion & Resolution


On Tuesday, the SB City School Board will hear discussion on a resolution to declare San Bernardino schools as SAFE HAVENS for immigrant students. This resolution would be in accordance with state and federal law which REQUIRES public schools to provide an education to all students, regardless of immigration status. 


Agenda items to note (times are estimations)

3.0 Public Comments 5:40 pm
This is the time during the agenda when the Board of Education is prepared to receive comments from members of the public on any matter within its subject matter jurisdiction. If you wish to address the Board, you will need to complete a “Request to Address the Board of Education” form that will be available at the Board meeting. 

When recognized, please step to the podium, give your name, and limit your comments to five minutes or less. The time limit for public comment on any one topic is 30 minutes.

5.0 Board Discussions 7:40 pm
5.1 Discussion regarding the Resolution of the Board of Education’s Commitment to the Education of All Children and Making All Campuses a Safe Zone for Students and Families

8.0 Action Items 9:40 pm
8.3 Resolution of the Board of Education’s Commitment to the Education of All Children and Making All Campuses a Safe Zone for Students and Families

Text of Resolution:

Resolution of the Board of Education’s Commitment to the Education of All Children and Making All Campuses a Safe Zone for Students and Families

WHEREAS the San Bernardino City Unified School Board of Education is committed to the success of all students irrespective of their immigration status, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, sex and gender identity, socio-economic status, or beliefs; and

WHEREAS the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America recognizes every individual’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and

WHEREAS the United States of America was built by diverse peoples, both native and immigrant alike; and

WHEREAS education has played a critical role in furthering acceptance and strengthening our society as well as treating all people with dignity and respect; and

WHEREAS California voters during the 2016 General election expressed strong support for public schools by embracing bilingual education through Proposition 58, strengthening funding sources through Proposition 55, and modernizing school facilities through Proposition 51; and

WHEREAS over 30 different languages are spoken in San Bernardino City Unified School District schools including Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipino, Arabic, Samoan; and

WHEREAS the Board of Education embraces the diversity of our students and families and the rich language and cultural assets they bring to our District and strongly supports and encourages the participation of all parents and families in our schools; and 

WHEREAS approximately 74.9% of students in San Bernardino City Unified are of Latino/a descent, 12% African American, 6.3% White, 1.5% Asian, .4% American Indian or Alaska Native, .4% Pacific Islander, .4% Filipino and 85.8% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch; and

WHEREAS the national presidential election has resulted in thousands of students and families in San Bernardino expressing fear, sadness and concerns for student safety, heightened because of intolerant rhetoric made over the course of the 2016 presidential race. 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education declares that every District site is a safe place for all students and their families and encourages the Superintendent to increase and enhance partnerships with community-based organizations and legal services organizations who provide resources for families facing deportation and that a rapid response network be created to assist children whose family members have been detained.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Education declares that every District site continue to implement, with fidelity, District reforms such as school discipline, to reduce and eliminate racial bias and criminalization of youth in schools; and to track, monitor, and provide disaggregated reports on school discipline outcomes by school and District-wide.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Education declares that every District site is a safe place for students of diverse ethnic and religious traditions.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in order to provide a public education, regardless of a child’s or family’s immigration status, absent any applicable federal, state, local law or regulation or local ordinance or court decision, the District shall abide by the following conduct.

1. District personnel shall not treat students differently for residency determination purposes on the basis of their actual or perceived immigration status and shall treat all students equitably in the receipt of all school services, including but, not limited to, the free and reduced lunch program, transportation and educational 

2. District personnel shall review the list of documents that are currently used to establish residency and shall ensure that any required documents would not unlawfully bar or discourage a student who is undocumented or whose parents are undocumented from enrolling in or attending school.

3. District personnel shall not inquire about a student’s immigration status, including requiring documentation of a student’s legal status, such as asking for a green card or citizenship papers, at initial registration or at any other time.

4. District personnel shall not make unreasonable inquiries from a student or his/her parents for the purpose of exposing the immigration status of the child or his/her family.

5. District personnel shall not require students to apply for Social Security numbers nor should the District require students to supply a Social Security number.

6. If parent and or students have questions about their immigration status, school personnel shall not refer them to ICE but should instead refer them to community-based and legal organizations that provide resources for immigrant families and families facing deportation.

7. Because it is the general policy of the District not to allow any individual or organization to enter a school site if the educational setting would be disrupted by that visit, any request by ICE to visit a school site must be forwarded to the Superintendent’s Office for review before a decision is made to allow access to the site.

8. All requests for information or documents by ICE should be forwarded to the Superintendent, who in consultation with District legal counsel, shall determine if the information and/or documents can be released to ICE. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Superintendent shall ensure that all teachers, school administrators and school and District office and other staff will be appropriately and adequately trained on how to implement this resolution; and parents will receive notification in various languages of the new District resolution to fully inform families of their rights in the District.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Superintendent shall prepare an implementation plan defining partnerships with community organizations and training and support for school site employees and report back to the Board of Education in 90 days.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that the Board of Education instructs the Superintendent to distribute copies of this Resolution, translated into all appropriate languages, to all school sites, and ensure that the District’s DELAC – District English Learner Advisory Committee, ELACs – English Learners Advisory Committees, the Mayor’s Office, and immigrant and civil rights community organizations are consulted and involved in monitoring the successful implementation of this resolution.

January 10, 2017 at 5pm - 10pm
SB City Unified Board Of Education
777 N F St
San Bernardino, CA 92410
United States
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Bobbi Chavarria · · 9092622880

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