Community Agreements

To create and practice the culture of a beloved community in the Inland Empire and beyond.


  • Try on other people's perspectives and approaches
  • Practice self-focus and self-care. Notice when defensiveness and denial arise.
  • Practice both/and instead of either/or thinking.
  • Expect and accept non-closure.
  • Be aware of and accountable for impact .
  • Prioritize equity and inclusion.


  • Be here now.
  • Use your energy to listen to what is said before thinking about how to respond.
  • Utilize Progressive Stack with chat option.


  • Speak from your own experience by using, "I" statements. Ask questions to understand the sources of disagreements.
  • Make space: Share speaking time and try to speak after others who have not spoken.
  • Confidentiality is key. Trust is built when we share the message, not the messenger.

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