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From the Environmental Voter Project:

Our planet is in crisis, yet policy-makers continue to look the other way. Why? In short, voters aren’t forcing them to face the problem. Over 10 million environmentalists sat out the 2016 presidential election, while those of us who do vote rarely list climate or the environment as a top issue. With an electorate that doesn’t prioritize the environment, it’s no mystery that policy-makers don’t either. Founded in 2015, the Environmental Voter Project is a non-partisan nonprofit focused on a simple, high-leverage solution to this problem: we (1) use data analytics to identify the millions of existing environmentalists who don’t vote, and then (2) apply cutting-edge behavioral science to nudge them into being more consistent voters. We are in the behavior-changing business, not the mind-changing business. EVP’s goal is not to change the way anybody thinks about climate or the environment. Rather, our goal is to find the already persuaded environmentalists who currently don’t vote, and turn them into consistent “super-voters” who drive policy-making at the local, state, and federal levels. Politicians go where the votes are; EVP simply focuses on making more environmental voters. Then comes the best part: once EVP turns a non-voting environmentalist into a consistent voter, campaigns and activists see the result on voter files and swoop in to mobilize that voter at no cost to us. EVP can then turn our resources to the next batch of non-voting and seldom-voting environmentalists.

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