IE Nevada Canvass for Bernie - Valentine's Day Weekend!


Do you #FeelTheBern? Let's turn it into action! Bernie Sanders needs us now!!!  HOORAY to the 30+ UCR students who will be participating! 

Now, more than ever, every person matters in this election. The contest in the Nevada caucus is CRITICAL to the mission of getting Bernie Sanders elected. One poll says that 11% of those polled are undecided. Let's help those 11% get informed, make sure those that already support know where/when/how to caucus, and show the nation that Bernie is the candidate America needs. 

That's why we're heading one last time to Vegas to help Nevada for Bernie Sanders canvass.


The weekend of February 13-14 is the last weekend before Nevada's caucus on February 20th. Bernie needs foot soldiers on the ground in Nevada, so let's join together to show Bernie some love and support by heading out to NV one last time. Together we can work to make Nevada Feel The Bern!!

PLUS, we have received news from the campaign that Senator Sanders is in NEVADA all weekend and there's a possibility of a rally/meeting with canvassers/volunteers!  

Please make sure our email responses are not going into your spam/junk mail ---- [email protected]om

****** ATTENTION ********
ITINERARY:  (Note: The EVENT PAGE has the itinerary for Los Angeles departures)

Saturday, February 13
Departure from FONTANA/GLEN AVON
Gathering; 5:00am
Departure: 5:30am
60 FWY and Mission Blvd
Park & Ride
(Between Pedley & Pyrite)
Granite Hill Dr, Riverside, CA 92509
PLEASE note: This is NOT the one at Country Village Rd, this is further east (See map below)

Coordinator: Juvenal Estrada, 909-491-8621
Overnight parking is allowed at this location.
IMPORTANT: Please be on time. We will only be able to wait 5 minutes for any late arrivals.
Departure from University of California (UCR)
Gathering: 5:45am
Departure 6:15am
900 University Ave,
Riverside, CA 92521
Lot 24 located on Canyon Crest Dr (near Linden St)
(See map below)
Coordinator: Neftali Galarza, 760-235-9404
IMPORTANT: Please be on time. We will only be able to wait 15 minutes for any late arrivals.
Arrive at HQ for Training & CANVAS: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday, February 14
CANVAS: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Return to Inland Empire
Departure: 5:00pm
Location: Nevada for Bernie Office
3073 W. Craig Road, Suite 5
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
We aim to arrive back to Inland Empire at first stop at PARK & RIDE 9-10pm.
A more specific return time will be determined depending on traffic after departure.
**If you need to carpool, please post and communicate with another attendee.***

We aim to arrive back to Inland Empire at first stop at PARK & RIDE 9-10pm. 

A more specific return time will be determined depending on traffic after departure.

Please watch the following videos to prepare for canvassing:

Lodging is being coordinated with the Bernie Sanders’ Nevada Campaign HQ with local Las Vegas supporters who have opened up their homes to allow canvassers to rest overnight. Shuttles will be available for local transport between any necessary meeting points. Further itinerary will be directed by the local branch upon arrival.

Please specify any special circumstances, including service animals. Please know that we will do our best, but service animals may be difficult to accommodate.

If for any reason you prefer not to sleep in a volunteer’s home, discount hotel accommodations may be available. Best rates can be secured if booked early.


None of the following items are required. However, they will make your canvassing experience more smooth, comfortable and safe.

  • Your cell phone, charger and external USB battery packs (power will be scarce resource while canvassing). Your smart phone will be most important tool while canvassing. As indicated above, if you have a smart phone you will use this for canvassing.  
  • Layers! Wear clothing that’s easy to remove and/or put back on to account for changes in temperature.
  • If you’re in free lodging, bring an air mattress, cot, or sleeping bag and pad. Also, consider bringing your own towel and sheets to impose less on your hosts. With the large number of volunteers heading to Vegas this weekend, some HOTEL arrangements are being made. Please bring these items just in case.
  • Water bottle
  • A few snacks for the road and while canvassing (dried dates in a baggie, energy bars, etc.) Every effort will be made to provide meals at the campaign office.  Please be sure to bring your favorite snacks so you're assured something you enjoy.
  • Chapstick or lip balm and a moisturizer for skin.
  • Sunscreen!
  • Umbrella, for drizzle.  Just in case.
  • A bag for carrying your stuff while walking. A simple small backpack, shallow, open-top canvas/tote/plastic ziploc-type bag will do.
  • Your Bernie T-Shirt(s) if you have them, your Bernie buttons, and other Bernie swag! 

All campaign materials, such as pamphlets or information cards, will be provided by the local campaign headquarters. They will serve as a meeting point for much of our trip.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.



February 13, 2016 at 5am - February 14, 2016
Bobbi Jo Chavarria · · 909-262-2880

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    The Bernie Sanders campaign is driven by a passion to create and sustain thriving communities across America.

    Join ours! We’re reaching out to our neighbors in #‎NV this weekend, which is the last chance before the #‎NVcaucus!

    Here’s the link for the IE Nevada Canvass!

    Organized and funded by the Bernie Sanders Brigade!! WE NEED YOU TODAY!!
    (Link in the video is for group leaving from Los Angeles)