Change Ahead, 1st Post 2016 Election Meeting


FROM November 11, 2016

Thank you everyone who came out tonight! I want to thank Oskar Zambrano for moderating the meeting and sharing just a bit of how we can and will work together. Thanks James Albert for getting the word out and jumping on board so quickly (and for putting the idea forward to me about the need to move fast)!

Big ups to all those who dared to join in democracy today, this year, and for some - decades. I am in awe of your stories and you. 

To follow up:
Make sure you are members of the FB group. 
Next meeting Friday 5pm. same time/same place 

Team Agreements:

* One Mic
* Decision Making - Collaborative (revisit for more clarity, definitely no rogue independents making decisions for the group)
* Be respectful of each other - in everything (ideas, positions, etc.) in every way (tone, listening)
*We operate in Equity (regarding gender, age, nationality, country of origin, language)
* Intersectionality Consciousness - IT IS ALL important
* Safe Space
* Rotating Leadership/Facilitation
* Empower yourself - be a leader, take responsibility, and be accountable asking for help
* At meetings - stay focused - limit technology/distractions
* Accept people where they are, not where we want them to be or think they should be

Stay updated on local actions from our allies and as part of the movement.

Join and support the work at

#proall #worktodo #politicalrevolution #ourRevolution #IEProgressiveAlliance


Groups who were represented:

Brand New Congress
Brownie Mary Democratic Club
Catalina's List
Courage Campaign
Democracy for America
Democratic Luncheon Club of San Bernardino
Fontana Democratic Club
Green Party of California
Green Party of Riverside County
Green Party of San Bernardino County
GROW Fontana
IE for Bernie
IE-DSA Democratic Socialists of America
Inland Empire Do Peace & Nonviolence Alliance
Inland Empire for Our Revolution
Inspire Empower San Bernardino (IESB)
Justice 4 Ex Employees of Ashley Furniture.
Occupy Riverside
Peace & Freedom Party
Progressive Democrats of America
Redlands Area Democratic Club
Sahaba Initiative, Muslim community
San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee
San Bernardino County Young Dems
Sierra Club
The 28ers
Vermicious Knids
Young Progressives Demanding Action

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