Mission: Voter Registration


Our small team has registered over 300 650 (updated May 1) voters since October on just a couple of campuses: Chaffey Fontana, Rancho and Chino. But there's more work to do!!  Recent Secretary of State reports show only 56% of eligible voters in San Bernardino County and 59% of eligible voters in Riverside County are actually registered to vote. 

The political revolution does NOT work if the people don't turn out! We must get them registered so they can vote! Everyone in the movement needs to be on board with helping friends, family, neighbors ensure that their voter registration is up-to-date and eligible to vote for Bernie (No Party Preference or Democratic Party) and that they're registered to Vote By Mail.

For reference on how to complete forms see TRAINING Handouts:

And, take a look at the California Democratic Party voter registration reference guide.  Stay tuned for a quick Voter Registration how-to training video!  

As part of our Voter Registration Team, it is recommended to attend a training session at the County Registrar's office. And, once you get started helping folks fill out those forms (on paper and online) - be sure to keep the campaign updated with new voter information.

Why this part?

New voters are historically less likely to actually cast a vote without follow-up. Additionally, we can verify that the voter rolls are being updated to make sure that no one falls through the cracks! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

Other tools Voter Registration Captains should have handy:

Other useful tools for believes in democracy, lovers of freedom:



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