No on S - City of San Bernardino 2020


For fifteen years, residents of San Bernardino have given the City $95 million, from an extra quarter cent sales tax on every dollar spent in this city. This regressive tax has unfairly burdened residents in our impoverished city. The majority of this tax is paid by residents with
limited incomes. All residents are subject to this tax regardless of age, income, or voting status but do not benefit from funds raised.

Residents were duped into supporting Measure Z because they believed that the money would be used to provide funding for community programs. That has NOT been the case.

The community has NOT benefited from Measure Z, a tax supported by greedy politicians who continue to ignore increased homelessness, poverty and blight. The very ones funding the measure are the ones most hurt by it. Tax revenues have been used solely to support inflated police salaries with no reduction in crime. In essence, residents have funded a failing police department who has been named in hundreds of lawsuits since the implementation of the tax and was a primary cause for the city’s bankruptcy.

We must NOT continue to support mediocrity, mismanagement of funds and outright fiscal manipulation! Say NO to Measure S. This ballot measure does not include language that allocates funds to services and programs the community needs. Measure S in its current state is unacceptable and would only provide more money to be squandered with no oversight! Vote NO on Measure S.

Treasure Ortiz, Ward 3
Leticia Garcia, Ward 7

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