San Berniedino News - November 7th


I am sharing info with all y'all in case you might be interested. Please keep and take action on what matters to you --- and ignore the rest. Unless it's a call to action -- try to take action for Bernie, if you can!

Towards a political revolution,

Bobbi Jo


  • Sunday, November 8th, 4pm -- an Volunteer Organizer Chat session has been put together (after a movie screening put on by Citizens Action for Peace (CAP) and Redlands' Human Relations Commission (HRC))
  • Saturday, November 14, at 6pm (start time) - 2nd Democratic Debate to be broadcast on CBS - I've scheduled a watch party in Fontana, feel free to join in or host your own! The more opportunities for folks to participate all throughout the county, the better! 
  • Saturday, November 21, 8am-2pm --  rescheduled Farmers' Market flyering in Fontana (my scheduling conflict and wind got in the way). If anyone can help serve as backup event host -- or take the lead -- let me know. My husband has OT for the next month and that always puts a wrench in my ability to schedule things!
  • Saturday-Sunday, December 12-13 -- All day -- Bernie booth at San Bernardino International Tamale Festival. We'll need help manning the booth, with supplies, and to cover the cost of the space ($150). Event page TO BE CREATED soon, Jody from SB will take the lead on this.
  • Friday, January 1 -- After the Rose Parade in Pasadena -- some volunteers are organizing a Bernie group (with float and bring your own awesome display) for the People's Parade (which takes place after Rose Parade). Anyone want to take the lead on the SB group heading out this way?

If you're on Facebook, and haven't already, please join our SB County for Bernie group -- and share with other interested folks! If you're not on Facebook, I will try to keep everyone updated on events and happenings with this email news... if you can help with this, please let me know!  If you have anything to ADD or share --- feel free to do so on Facebook or at the SB County for Bernie blog hosted by Progressive Alliance of the Inland Empire (sponsored by Catalina's List).



  • "Week of Action" begins the weekend of November 9 and continues through November 15. The Washington Post reports that the debate (11/14) will begin at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET.
  • We’re getting close to Introducing the Voter Access Network (VAN)
  • Piloting "state barnstorm" approach in TN and CO.
  • Bernie's first media ad buy is out in New Hampshire and Iowa. It's inspirational and has selfies from lots of supporters. If you haven't seen it, take a look here!
  • Bernie's national town hall for students was amazing and inspirational. If you haven't seen it, you can view it here.

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