Rancho Pop-Up Campaign Office turns Concrete!


We are less than a month away to the California primary on June 7th! 

With Bernie's decisive win last night in West Virginia, we have shown the establishment, the media, the nation that we are #StillSanders.  But, we have work to do to bring the biggest WIN for the campaign:  California!  

Please join other volunteers and Bernie supporters at our "pop-up" now "concrete" campaign office in Rancho Cucamonga --- and bring everyone!  Join us tonight if you can!

Rancho Cucamonga Campaign Office 
Sign up for local alerts and upcoming events!
Pick up supplies/signs for voter registration
Get early voting and vote-by-mail information
Learn more about the issues and Bernie's platform

Take action: Canvass and Phone Bank (for more volunteers!)
Serve as helpers, coordinators, captains for other volunteer activities!

Give:  Help feed volunteers (snacks and food appreciated)
Campaign materials, help cover costs for printing, supplies and for the space itself


    • Sundays 12-8pm  Staff: Alex Cartagena
    • Mondays 5-9pm  Staff:  Needed
    • Tuesdays 5-pm   Staff: Bobbi Jo Chavarria
    • Wednesdays 5-9pm  Staff:  Ericka Delgado
    • Thursdays 5-9pm  Staff: Trisha Shaw
    • Fridays 5-9pm Core Team (all invited)
    • Saturday 9-6pm  Staff: Needed

Stay updated on events by frequently checking map.berniesanders.com

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