San Bernardino County - West End Mutual Aid

Solidarity + Community Care = Mutual Aid

Copied from Facebook post: Christine Gatson-Michalak is an organizer of the Claremont Dialogue. 

Despite what all of those empty shelves at the market may suggest, there actually is enough for everybody. Read that again and say it out loud: 


Here's the catch... we have to share. We have to take care of one another. How are you doing that in your community?

If you are struggling to meet your basic needs, please fill out the form, and tell us what you need.

If your ability to meet your basic needs is not being impacted by this crisis and you have resources to share, please fill out the form, and tell us what you have to offer/share.

It is imperative to immediately address the needs of those currently impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Trying to prepare in the face of such uncertainty is challenging for everyone, AND those challenges are dire for the most vulnerable folks in our community. BIPOC folks, LGBTQI folks, disabled folks, chronically ill folks, unhoused folks, older folks, poor/working-class folks, and folks without access to healthcare are particularly vulnerable at this moment, and it is time to come together to make sure we are taking care of one another.

We encourage direct communication and sharing, AND admins are willing to act as a go-between if folks prefer a more anonymous request or offer. Email admins by clicking here.

Additionally, we invite you to contribute to our GoFundMe [] and share it widely in your networks. Not everyone has access to the internet or payment apps, so the money raised on GoFundMe will allow us to share resources with folks who can't access this direct sharing network (like unhoused and older folks).

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